Control loops with human operators in space operations: part I: human engineering analysis, synthesis and evaluation techniques

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This report is a tutorial overview for the European Space Agency (ESA) of human engineering approaches and methodologies which are applicable for analysis of performance of human-machine systems, with specific emphasis on space teleoperator applications. Motivated by the presumed active role of the human operator in future space teleoperation missions, the application of human engineering within the various stages of system development is discussed, with emphasis placed on the impact on the development cycle of being able to analyse various aspects of human-in-the-loop system performance. Two approaches to human performance analysis are identified: experimental and theoretical, and both fundamental and practical aspects of each approach are reviewed in detail, with examples. The report concludes with a proposed modelling approach for the analysis of a specific class of supervisory space teleoperator missions, accompanied by a discussion of considerations related to human-computer task allocation for such missions.