Plants as water purification, resource and spatial element for peri-urban kampungs in Bandung

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My research is focused on the city of Bandung, Indonesia. Kampungs are the villages that make up a large part of the city. In the periphery kampungs are prone to many problems related to water, disappearing green due to rapid urbanization and dependency on the presence of textile industry. By means of three qualities of plants I conducted a research how green in the peri-urban kampungs can be saved. Waterpurification through phytoremediation in wetlands is researched and its benefits for the community. Secondly there is the use of plants as a resource to give economic incentives for the community. Plants can be used for food production and as a resource for building materials. The applicability of these building materials is researched. Lastly there is a research on the spatial possibilties of plants on an urban scale and on the scale of the building. In the end I conclude with a chapter in the integration of the different aspects in a strategy for peri-urban regions in Bandung.