Virtual Circuit Reservation Multiple Access -protocol for mixed voice/data radio communications

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Abstract: Virtual Circuit Reservation Multiple Access protocol (VCRMA) is a hybrid protocol for mixed voice/data radio transmissions. It uses circuit-switched mode for voice and Modified Minipacket Competition Multiple Access (M-MCMA) for data. The VCRMA protocol can be used in all three types of cells: pico-, micro- and macro-. The total throughput of the system with VCRMA protocol depends on the intensity of voice traffic and the character of data sources. The worst case throughput of coded data when all of the user stations send only one data packet per each channel access and there is no voice traffic may be up to about 50% in pico-cell and about 40% in microcell. Those values becomes 62% and 54% respectively when the data to be send each time has the length of that of an ATM-cell.