Socio-economic impacts of wave overtopping

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This report provides a methodological background that will be used in the assessment of hazards of overtopping. Those assessment methods that attach a monetary value to the effects on resources are focussed upon. The relationships between the characteristics of overtopping and the use of specific valuation techniques is further explored. Attention is paid to issues, which ask for methodological decisions. A literature overview of the methods for assessing flood damages will be given. These insights and structuring the process of valuation result into a guidance to the valuation of controlling overtopping. This approach is applied in two case studies.Chapter 2 starts with some general definitions on overtopping and an introduction to socio-economic impacts and how to value them. Chapter 3 focuses on the economic valuation of human lives at risk. Based on the insights presented in the former chapters, an approach is presented in chapter 4 that structures and assists the actual assessment of controlling overtopping. This approach is then applied in chapter 5 which deals with the assessment of activities that limit overtopping at two different sites (village De Haan and the port of Rapallo). Finally, chapter 6 presents some conclusions.