Fieldwork Coastal Engineering

Varna (Bulgaria)

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Research has been carried out in St. Konstantin, Varna, Bulgaria. In the second chapter of this report an Analysis of the Tetra pods on breakwater of the “Sunny Day Marina is presented, where the damage is determined and different approaches are used and compared to determine the significant wave height. In the third chapter the beach measurements are described. An analysis of the development of the beach line and the beach profiles is compared with other years and a sieve analysis is carried out. Chapter four describes wave measurements for the area; these are made visually and with a pressure gauge. In chapter five, the contours of a groin in the area is measured and compared with data from other years.Chapters six contains information about the stones measurements in the quarries we visited. In chapter seven the bottom of the sea is mapped by using the echo sounding data. In chapter eight, the sediment characteristics are determined. At the village of St-Constantin a group of investigators wants to make an artificial island in the sea, requirements are presented in chapter eight. The final chapter nine relates about another project, the expansion of hotel White lagoon.