The economic performance of supply chain(s) served by the mega freight transport vehicles

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This paper deals with the economic performances of supply chain(s) served by different including the mega freight transport vehicles. These performances are considered as a dimension of the supply chain’s sustainability together with the infrastructural, technical/technological, operational, environmental, and social performances. The supply chain(s) consists of the spoke and hub supplier(s) and the hub and spoke consumer(s) of goods/freight shipments. The economic performances include the inventory, handling, and transport cost of goods/freight shipments processed in the chain(s). The analytical model is developed for estimating the above-mentioned economic performances of the generic configuration of supply chain(s) operating according to the specified scenario(s) under given conditions. Then, the model is applied to the intercontinental supply chain exclusively served by the conventional and mega container ships aiming at investigating their effects/impacts on the chain’s economic performances.