Wideband, Wide-Scan Planar Connected Slot Array Enhanced with Artificial Dielectrics

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In this thesis, the design of planar connected array of slots loaded with artificial dielectric layers (ADLs) is proposed to achieve wideband and wide-scan capabilities. ADLs are used due to the potential advantage of low surface-wave loss and high radiation efficiency. Whereas, the connected array of slots avoid the implementation of baluns which add-on to complexity of the structure. Using ADL on top of the connected array of slots help in placing the backing reflector very close to the array plane, thereby making it possible to realize the vertical lines using via-hole technology. The planarity of the array results in significant reduction in fabrication costs and manufacturing complexity. Subsequently, an analytical tool is presented that can evaluate the performance of a single-pol array loaded with ADLs with minimal resources and high precision with respect to a commercial EM solver. The single-pol designed in then extended to dual-pol configuration that has a -10 dB matching from 7 to 13 GHz for scanning up to 50 degree in all azimuthal planes. The maximum cross-pol level of -10 dB is achieved for scanning in the diagonal plane. The radiation efficiency of the array is > 95%.