Adaptive control with Multivariate B-Splines and INDI

A case study for Vertical take-off and landing drones

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In recent years the popularity of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drones has increased significantly. Due to their hybrid design, these drones can take off and land vertically and fly horizontally, enabling them to land in difficult terrain and have a more extensive range than the Quadcopter counterpart. However, this hybrid design also introduces complex dynamics that are difficult to model. For adequate control, this requires an adaptive element that can compensate for the modeling errors. Due to the significant change in flight conditions, adaptations must be made effectively over the entire flight envelope of a VTOL drone. This thesis introduces an adaptive controller that can cope with the large flight envelope and varying flight conditions of the VTOL drone and can adapt the controller effectively and store previous adaptations with multivariate B-splines during real-time flights.