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1 The resilience approach to climate adaptation applied for flood risk
Dissertation 2012-05-22    
Author: Gersonius, B.
Promotor: Zevenbergen, C. · Ashley, R.M.
Keywords: Adaptation · climate change · flood risk management · tipping points · real options · resilience · uncertainty
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2 Drain for gain: making water management worth its salt: Subsurface drainage practices in irrigated agriculture in semi-arid and arid regions
Dissertation 2009-01-16    
Author: Ritzema, H.P.
Promotor: Schultz, B. · Cofino, W.
[PDF] [Abstract]

3 Short-cutting the phosphorus cycle in urban ecosystems
Dissertation 2005-06-17    
Author: Gumbo, B.
Promotor: Savenije, H.H.G.
[PDF] [Abstract]

4 Modelling Interception and Transpiration at Monthly Time Steps Introducing Daily Variability through Markov Chains
Dissertation 2002-04-29    
Author: De Groen, M.M.
Promotor: Savenije, H.H.G.
[PDF] [Abstract]

5 Ecohydrology of the Andes Páramo Region
Dissertation 2016-12-20    
Author: Minaya Maldonado, V.G.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E.

6 Fingerponds: seasonal integrated aquaculture in East African freshwater wetlands exploring their potential for wise use strategies
Dissertation 2006-12-20    
Author: Kipkemboi, J.
Promotor: Denny, P.

7 Subsurface Drainage of Valley Bottom Irrigated Rice Schemes in Tropical Savannah: Case Studies of Tiefora and Moussodougou in Burkina Faso
Dissertation 2015-03-26    
Author: Keïta, A.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Yacouba, H. · Hayde, L.

8 Sustainable Use of Land and Water under Rainfed and Deficit Irrigation Conditions in Ogun-Osun River Basin, Nigeria
Dissertation 2015-05-28    
Author: Adeboye, O.B.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Adekalu, K.O. · Prasad, K.

9 Artificial neural networks as subsymbolic process descriptors
Dissertation 1998-03-02    
Author: Minns, A.W.
Promotor: Abbott, M.B.

10 Lactic acid fermentation of human excreta for agricultural application
Dissertation 2017-09-29    
Author: Andreev, N.
Promotor: Lens, P.N.L. · Boincean, B. · Ronteltap, M.

11 Controlling biofouling in seawater reverse osmosis membrane systems
Dissertation 2017-11-30    
Author: Dhakal, N.
Promotor: Kennedy, M.D. · Salinas Rodriguez, S.G.

12 Fluoride Removal from Groundwater by Adsorption Technology: The occurrence, adsorbent synthesis, regeneration and disposal
Dissertation 2017-10-04    
Author: Salifu, A.
Promotor: Kennedy, M.D. · Petrusevski, B.

13 An integrated approach for the improvement of flood control and drainage schemes in the coastal belt of Bangladesh
Dissertation 2002-09-17    
Author: Liakath, A.M.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Nishat, A.

14 Development and management of irrigated lands in Tigray, Nigeria
Dissertation 2005-11-02    
Author: Hagos, E.Y.
Promotor: Schultz, B. · Haile, M.

15 Drinking water sector in Ghana: drivers for performance
Dissertation 2007-07-26    
Author: Nyarko, K.B.
Promotor: Van Dijk, M.P.

16 Hydroinformatics as sociotechnology: promoting individual stakeholder participation by using network distributed decision support systems
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2002-02-28    
Author: Jonoski, A.
Promotor: Abbott, M.B.

17 Cellular automata and artificial intelligence in ecohydraulics modelling
Dissertation 2004-06-01    
Author: Chen, Q.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E.
Keywords: environmental hydroinformatics · cellular automata · artificial intelligence · eutrophication · ecohydraulics · computer modelling

18 Sediment transport in irrigation canals
Dissertation 1998-05-19    
Author: Méndez V., N.J.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Van Rijn, L.C.

19 Combined Logical-Numerical Enhancement of Real-Time Control of Urban Drainage Networks
Dissertation 1996-10-16    
Author: Garcia, H.J.M.
Promotor: Abbott, M.B.

20 Modeling Biological Phosphoms Removal in Activated Sludge Systems
Dissertation 1998-09-09    
Author: Brdanovic, D.
Promotor: Alaert, G.J.E.R. · Heijnen, J.J.

Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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