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1 Rip Current Prediction System for Swimmer Safety: Towards operational forecasting using a process based model and nearshore bathymetry from video
Dissertation 2015-10-30    
Author: Sembiring, L.E.
Promotor: Roelvink, J.A.
Keywords: Rip currents · Numerical models · Video bathymetry · Swimmer safety
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2 Soil hydrological impacts and climatic controls of land use and land cover changes in the Upper Nile (Abay) Basin
Dissertation 2015-07-07    
Author: Demessie, E.T.
Promotor: Uhlenbrook, S.

3 Nested algorithms for optimal reservoir operation and their embedding in a decision support platform
Dissertation 2016-04-08    
Author: Delipetrev, B.
Promotor: Jonoski, A. · Solomatine, D.
Keywords: novel optimization algorithms · nested dynamic programming · nested stochastic dynamic programming · nested reinforcement learning · cloud application
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4 Multiple scales of suspendend sediment dynamics in a complex geometry estuary
Dissertation 2016-04-12    
Author: Achete,F.M.
Promotor: Roelvink,D. · Van der Wegen,M.
Keywords: numerical modelling · fine sediment · estuary · sediment budget · channel network · Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta · sedimentation · tidal prism change
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5 Policies lost in translation? Unravelling water reform processes in African waterscapes
Dissertation 2015-12-10    
Author: Kemerink-Seyoum, J.S.
Promotor: Van der Zaag, P. · Ahlers, R.
Keywords: water politics · water reforms · waterscapes · water access · water legislation · water rights · public policy · water users association · participation · agricultural water use · irrigation · equity · water conflict · water cooperation · critical institutionalism · institutions · institutional bricolage · gender · legal pluralism · hydrosolidarity · hydraulic infrastructure · integrated water resources management · neoliberalism · southern Africa · eastern Africa
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6 Operational Flood Forecasting, Warning and Response for Multi-Scale Flood Risks in Developing Cities
Dissertation 2016-06-13    
Author: Rogelis Prada, M.C.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E. · Werner, M.G.F.
Keywords: rainfall field interpolation · debris flows · flash floods · mountain hazards · flood risk · vulnerability · hydrological models · páramo · uncertainty · flood forecasting · ensemble · Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model · numerical weather models
[PDF] [Abstract]

7 Establishing the Environmental Flow Regime for the Middle Zambezi River
Dissertation 2016-06-13    
Author: Mwelwa-Mutekenya, E.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E. · Crosato, A.
Keywords: floodplain forest conservation · hydropower schemes · dams · environmental flow regime · Faidherbia albida
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8 Manganese Removal from Groundwater: Role of Biological and Physico-Chemical Autocatalytic Processes
Dissertation 2016-06-28    
Author: Bruins, J.H.
Promotor: Kennedy, M.D. · Petrusevski, B.
Keywords: groundwater treatment · manganese removal · biological and physico-chemical filter media ripening · characterization and identification MnOx · Birnessite
[PDF] [Abstract]

9 Flood Hazard Mapping: Uncertainty and its Value in the Decision-making Process
Dissertation 2016-10-04    
Author: Mukolwe, M.M.
Promotor: Solomatine, D.P. · Di Baldassarre, G.
Keywords: uncertainty · probabilistic flood map · floodplain planning
[PDF] [Abstract]

10 Managing Basin Interdependencies in a Heterogeneous, Highly Utilized and Data Scarce River Basin in Semi-Arid Africa: The Case of the Pangani River Basin, Eastern Africa
Dissertation 2016-10-13    
Author: Kiptala, J.K.
Promotor: Van der Zaag, P. · Mohamed, Y.A.
Keywords: land use and land cover · evapotranspiration · biomass · MODIS · remote sensing · reservoir operation · SEBAL · water productivity · water value · water allocation · soil water · green water · rainfed agriculture · supplementary irrigation · evapotranspiration · Kilimanjaro · Arusha
[PDF] [Abstract]

11 Ecohydrology of the Andes Páramo Region
Dissertation 2016-12-20    
Author: Minaya Maldonado, V.G.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E.

12 Point cloud data fusion for enhancing 2d urban flood modelling
Dissertation 2017-06-14    
Author: Meesuk, V.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E. · Vojinovic, Z.
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Role of Reservoir Operation in Sustainable Water Supply to Eubak Irrigation Schemes in Yeh Ho River Basin
Dissertation 2017-07-01    
Author: Yekti, M.I.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Norken, N. · Hayde, L.

14 Effect of sulphide on enhanced biological phosphorus removal
Dissertation 2017-01-30    
Author: Rubio Rincon, F.J.
Promotor: Brdjanovic, D. · van Loosdrecht, M.C.M.
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Design and development of two novel constructed wetlands: The duplex-constructed wetland and the constructed wetroof
Dissertation 2015-10-30    
Author: Zapater Pereyra, M.
Promotor: Lens, P.N.L. · Van Bruggen, J.J.A.

16 Agricultural Water Productivity Optimization for Irrigated Teff (Eragrostic Tef) in Water Scarce Semi-Arid Region of Ethiopia
Dissertation 2015-01-22    
Author: Yihun, Y.M.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Erkossa Jijo, T. · Mehari Haile, A.

17 Micro and Small Enterprises, Water and Developing Countries: A Challenge for Sustainability in Colombia
Dissertation 2015-01-21    
Author: Sanz Galindo, G.A.M.M.
Promotor: Gupta, J. · Ahlers, R. · Siebel, M.A.

18 Impact of Improved Operation and Maintenance on Cohesive Sediment Transport in Gezira Scheme, Sudan
Dissertation 2015-09-03    
Author: Osman, I.S.E.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Osman, A. · Suryadi, F.X.

19 Dynamics in Organic Matter Processing, Ecosystem Metabolism and Trophic Sources for Consumers in the Mara River, Kenya
Dissertation 2015-03-11    
Author: Masese, F.O.
Promotor: Irvin, K.A. · McClain, M.E. · Gettel, G.M.

20 Subsurface Drainage of Valley Bottom Irrigated Rice Schemes in Tropical Savannah: Case Studies of Tiefora and Moussodougou in Burkina Faso
Dissertation 2015-03-26    
Author: Keïta, A.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Yacouba, H. · Hayde, L.

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