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1 Long-term process-based morphological modeling of large tidal basins
Dissertation 2012-11-12    
Author: Dastgheib, A.
Promotor: Roelvink, J.A.
Keywords: morphology · tidal basin · tidal inlet · ebb tidal delta · Delft3D · Process-based Modelling · Waddenzee · afsluitdijk · morphological factor · sediment mixture · morphological tide
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2 Optimization of Urban Wastewater Systems using Model Based Design and Control
Dissertation 2012-10-01    
Author: Velez Quintero, C.A.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E.
Keywords: urban wastewater systems · sewer · wastewater treatment · receiving systems · design and operation of urban wastewater systems · integrated modelling of urban wastewater systems · multi-objective optimization · parallel computing in the cloud · surrogate modelling
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3 Transport of multiple Escherichia coli strains in saturated porous media
Dissertation 2012-01-12    
Author: Lutterodt, G.
Promotor: Uhlenbrook, S.
Keywords: Escherichia coli · minimum sticking efficiency · springs · cell characteristics · columns · transport distances
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4 Characterizing natural organic matter in drinking water treatment processes and trains
Dissertation 2012-11-15    
Author: Baghoth, S.A.
Promotor: Amy, G.L.
Keywords: Natural organic matter · fluorescence excitation-emission matrices · size exclusion chromatography · characterization
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5 A Decision Framework for Integrated Wetland-River Basin Management In A Tropical And Data Scarce Environment
Dissertation 2012-12-17    
Author: Arias Hidalgo, M.E.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E.
Keywords: wetland · river catchment · modeling framework · expert elicitation · missing data · decision support system
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6 An approach towards generic coastal geomorphological moedelling with applications
Dissertation 2012-06-05    
Author: Ye, Q.
Promotor: Roelvink, J.A.
Keywords: process-based morphology modelling · biogeomorphology · unstructured grid
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7 Integrating GIS, remote sensing and mathematical modelling for surface water quality management in irrigated watersheds
Dissertation 2012-01-24    
Author: Azab, A.M.
Promotor: Price, R.K.
Keywords: Watershed · shallow lakes · drainage · hydrodynamic modelling · water quality modelling · eutrophication · nutrients · Chla · remote sensing · calibration · information systems
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8 Pattern Recognition for Reliability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks
Dissertation 2012-02-13    
Author: Trifunović, N.
Promotor: Vairavamoorthy, K.
Keywords: network modelling · network resilience · reliability index · reliability pattern · asset management
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9 Interactions between Land use and Flood Management in the Chi River Basin
Dissertation 2012-05-11    
Author: Kuntiyawichai, K.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Uhlenbrook, R.
Keywords: Flood management · Structural measures · Non-structural measures · Mathematical modelling · Integrated modelling framework · Damage analysis · Optimal flood management · Land use change impact
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10 The resilience approach to climate adaptation applied for flood risk
Dissertation 2012-05-22    
Author: Gersonius, B.
Promotor: Zevenbergen, C. · Ashley, R.M.
Keywords: Adaptation · climate change · flood risk management · tipping points · real options · resilience · uncertainty
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11 Water Loss Management: Tools and Methods for Developing Countries
Dissertation 2012-06-04    
Author: Mutikanga, H.E.
Promotor: Vairavamoorthy, K.
Keywords: Water Loss Management · Tools and Methods · Developing Countries
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12 Applying the Flood Vulnerability Index as a Knowledge base for flood risk assessment
Dissertation 2012-06-06    
Author: Balica, S-F.
Promotor: Wright, N.G. · Mynett, A.E.
Keywords: Floods · vulnerability to floods · risk · physically based models · vulnerability indices · flood exposure · flood susceptibility · flood resilience · parametric approach · spatial scales
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13 Multi-Objective Optimization for Urban Drainage Rehabilitation
Dissertation 2012-03-21    
Author: Barreto Cordero, W.J.
Promotor: Price, R.K. · Solomatine, D.P.
Keywords: multi-objective · urban drainage · optimization · parallel computing, · genetic algorithms
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14 A Methodology for Processing Raw LIDAR Data to Support Urban Flood Modelling Framework
Dissertation 2012-03-21    
Author: Abdullah, A.F.B.
Promotor: Price, R.K.
Keywords: digital terrain models · lidar filtering algorithms · urban features · urban flood modelling
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15 Development of a low-cost alternative for metal removal from textile wastewater
Dissertation 2012-06-29    
Author: Sekomo Birame, C.
Promotor: Lens, P.N.L. · Rousseau, D.P.L.
Keywords: adsorption capacity · adsorption isotherms · algae · bioaccumulation · biological methods · Cyperus papyrus · duckweed · dyes, · heavy metals · industrial pollution · industrial wastewater · natural system · Nyabugogo wetland · physico-chemical methods · Rwanda · sulphate reducing bacteria · textile wastewater · tracer test · upflow anaerobic packed bed reactor · volcanic rocks
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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