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1 Personal Television Channels: Simply Zapping through Your PVR Content
report 2009-06-15    
Author: Pronk, S.P.P. · Korst, J.H.M. · Barbieri, M. · Proidl, A.J.
Keywords: personal television channels · personal video recorders · recommender technology · scheduling algorithms · targeted advertising
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2 Exchanging Touristic Information between City Tourists
report 2009-06-15    
Author: Braat, B.A.L. · Geleijnse, G. · Mason, J.D.
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3 Using Online Social Networks to Increase the Engagement in Physical Activity Programs
report 2009-10-15    
Author: Kalpakliev, P.S. · Van Halteren, A.T.
Keywords: group dynamics · physical activity · social connectedness
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4 Characterizing Ambiguous Visual information in the Brain through intracranial EEG
report 2011-12-12    
Author: Barendregt, M. · Garcia Molina, G. · Van Ee, R.
Keywords: ambiguous stimuli · eeg · intracranial recordings
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5 Visitor Report Bangalore: A Europeans impressions on healthcare and Philips research in India
report 2011-12-14    
Author: Müller, M.
Keywords: emerging market · emerging market healthcare · india · indian healthcare market
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6 Single phase forced convection cooling of high power leds
report 2011-12-06    
Author: Ozdemir, M.Z. · Chestakov, D. · Frijns, A.J.H.
Keywords: cooling · heat exchange · led · micro-channel · thermal
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7 Clinical User Experience Testing of Ambient Lighting for Neonatal Intensive Care
report 2012-08-15    
Author: Simons, P.R. · Visser, H.M.
Keywords: ambient healing environments · ambient lighting · clinical trial · nicu (neonatal intensive care unit)
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8 In-vivo pilot study on physical absorption enhancement of active skin whitening ingredients by heat and ultrasound
report 2012-06-11    
Author: Scheja, M.M. · Wang, X. · Ma, P.
Keywords: contact heat · physical penetration enhancement · skin care · skin whitening cosmetics · sonophoresis
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9 Influence of the indoor climate on the use of blinds in offices
report 2012-05-30    
Author: Te Kulve, M. · Aarts, M.P.J. · Meerbeek, B.W.
Keywords: blind users · blinds · building automation · comfort · context research · daylight, discomfort glare · diary study · end-user insights · office automation · office environment · office lighting · user control · user interaction
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10 Charge carrier Density Imaging / IR lifetime mapping of Si wafers by Lock-In Thermography
report 2012-01-27    
Author: Van der Tempel, L.
Keywords: charge density · imaging · infrared thermography · minority carrier lifetime · photovoltaics · silicon nitride passivation · silicon wafers
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11 Time-resolved cardiac cone beam CT using an interventional C-arm system
report 2012-01-24    
Author: Schomberg, H.
Keywords: algebraic reconstruction technique · cardiac ct · cone beam ct · motion compensation · nonlinear kaczmarz method
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12 D6.7 BRAIN deliverable: Final dissemination, use, and exploitation plan
report 2012-01-17    
Author: Garcia Molina, G.
Keywords: bci · brain-computer interface · dissemination · eu project brain · exploitation plan
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13 Fault detection in lighting systems: first phase results
report 2012-01-04    
Author: Sharifi, R. · Dagnachew, D.
Keywords: fault detection · lighting condition · lighting control · lighting controls · lighting systems
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14 Your menu choice: Exploring how tailored persuasive messaging influences the healthiness of menu choices
report 2011-12-09    
Author: Speelpenning, T. · Luitjens, S.B. · Kaptein, M.C. · Van Halteren, A.T.
Keywords: behavior change · healthy eating · social influence strategy · susceptibility to persuasion
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15 Transient Detection and Tempo Estimation in Polyphonic Music Signals
report 2011-07-14    
Author: Tryfou, G. · Harma, A.S.
Keywords: audio signal processing · beat tracking · music information retrieval · tempo
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16 Measuring the effect of signal-to-noise ratio on listening fatigue
report 2010-10-19    
Author: Baselmans, R. · Van Schijndel, N.H. · Duisters, R.P.N.
Keywords: listening difficulty · listening effort · listening fatigue · noise reduction
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17 Soft computing based feature selection for environmental sound classification
report 2010-09-20    
Author: Shakoor, A. · May, T.M. · Van Schijndel, N.H.
Keywords: environmental sound classification · feature selection · pattern recognition · rough/fuzzy set theory · soft computing
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18 A novel biometric signature: multi-site, remote (> 100 m) photo-plethysmography using ambient light
report 2010-05-19    
Author: Verkruijsse, W. · Bodlaender, M.P.
Keywords: biometric · biometric authentication · diabetes · intelligent cameras · remote patient monitoring · remote sensing · unobtrusive monitoring · unobtrusive sensing · video cameras
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19 D3.4 BRAIN: Advanced SSVEP signal processing tools
report 2010-03-18    
Author: Garcia Molina, G. · Danhua, Z.
Keywords: amplitude phase response · bci · eu-project brain · ssvep
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20 Phase Analysis in Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential (SSVEP) based BCIs
report 2010-03-18    
Author: Abtahi, S. · Garcia Molina, G.
Keywords: brain computer interface · eeg · phase synchrony · ssvep
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