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1 Spatial fairness in linear wireless multi-access networks
article 2011-02-10    
Author: Van de Ven, P. (Univ. Eindhoven · Denteneer, T.J.J. · Van Leeuwaarden, J.S.H. · Denteneer, D. · Janssen, A.J.E.M.
Keywords: invited paper
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2 Non-Scatter Contributions to the Dark Field Signal in DPCI
Conference paper 2011-12-21    
Author: Koehler, T. · Martens, G. · Van Stevendaal, U. · Roessl, E.
Keywords: invited paper

3 On virtual and mixed reality intelligent environments
article 2011-11-20    
Author: Gardner, M. · Richter, J. · Härmä, A.S.
Keywords: invited paper

4 Find, Fight, Follow: Ultrasound triggered image-guided drug delivery
article 2012-07-02    
Author: Sanches, P.G. · Gruell, H. · Steinbach, O.C.
Keywords: invited paper
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5 Emerging Cognitive Radio Applications: A Survey
article 2011-03-14    
Author: Wang, J. · Ghosh, M. · Challapali, K.
Keywords: cognitive radios · invited paper
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6 Towards Real-Time Audiovisual Speaker Localization
Conference paper 2011-05-23    
Author: Monaci, G.
Keywords: audio-visual interaction · invited paper
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7 Wireless Power für mobile Geräte
article 2011-02-22    
Author: Waffenschmidt, E.
Keywords: invited paper · wireless power transfer
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8 Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Particle Imaging
article 2012-11-02    
Author: Borgert, J. · Schmidt, J.D. · Schmale, I. · Rahmer, J. · Bontus, C. · Gleich, B. · David, B. · Eckart, R. · Woywode, O. · Juergen Weizenecker · Schnorr, J. · Taupitz, M. · Haegele, J. · Vogt, F. · Barkhausen, J.
Keywords: invited paper · magnetic particle imaging
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9 Defining and Documenting Execution Viewpoints for a Large and Complex Software-Intensive System
article 2011-01-07    
Author: Callo Arias, T.B. · America, P.H.M. · Avgeriou, P.
Keywords: execution architecture · invited paper · software architecture
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10 Automatic joint alignment measurements from pre- and post-operative long leg standing radiographs
article 2012-02-21    
Author: Goossen, A. · Weber, G.M. · Dries, S.P.M.
Keywords: automatic segmentation · invited paper · musculoskeletal measurement
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11 Recent advances in endovascular techniques for management of acute nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding
article 2011-10-03    
Author: Loffroy, R.L. · Abualsaud, B.A. · Lin, M. · Rao, P.P.
Keywords: angiography · embolization · endoscopy · gastrointestinal diseases · invited paper

12 Phase II Study of Chemoembolization with Drug-eluting Beads in Patients with Hepatic Neuroendocrine Metastases: Interim Analysis
article 2012-04-30    
Author: Bhagat,m N. · Reyes, D.K. · Lin, M. · Kamel, I. · Geschwind,.J.
Keywords: invited paper · neuroendocrine · tace · tumor segmentation

13 Sound radiation from a loudspeaker, from a spherical pole cap, and from a piston in an infinite baffle
article 2011-04-07    
Author: Aarts, R.M. · Janssen, A.J.E.M.
Keywords: invited paper · piston sound radiation · sound radiation
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14 Robust fabric substrates for photonic textile applications
article 2010-12-14    
Author: Van Pieterson, L. · Bouten, P.C.P. · Kriege, J.C. · Bhattacharya, R.
Keywords: fabric printed circuit board · invited paper · photonic textiles · textile mechanics
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15 Wireless Power for Mobile Devices
Conference paper 2011-11-11    
Author: Waffenschmidt, E.
Keywords: invited paper · wireless power · wireless power consortium · wireless power transfer
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16 APT and CEST Techniques for Clinical MRI
article 2011-08-04    
Author: Keupp, J.
Keywords: cest · invited paper · parallel transmission · ph mapping · respiratory motion compensation
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17 Luminescent and Non-Luminescent Solar Concentrators: Challenges andd Progress
Conference paper 2012-04-02    
Author: De Boer, D.K.G.
Keywords: diffraction gratings · invited paper · phosphors · solar energy concentrators
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18 Towards full collusion resistant ID-based establishment of pairwise keys
Conference paper 2012-10-18    
Author: Garcia, O. · Tolhuizen, L.M.G. · Gomez, D. · Guterriez, J
Keywords: identity-based cryptography · invited paper · key distribution · key establishment · polynomials
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19 Towards a Persuasive Mobile Application to Reduce Sedentary Behavior
article 2011-10-28    
Author: Van Dantzig, S. · Geleijnse, G. · Van Halteren, A.T.
Keywords: invited paper · mobile persuasion · physical activity · sedentary awareness · sedentary behavior
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20 Multi-Channel Optical Sensor-Array for Measuring Ballistocardiograms and Respiratory Activity in Bed
Conference paper 2013-01-30    
Author: Brueser, C. · Winter, S. · Leonhardt, S.
Keywords: ballistocardiography · invited paper · optical sensors · unobtrusive monitoring · unobtrusive · sleep
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