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1 Single side Emitting Transparent OLED lamp
Conference paper 2011-09-07    
Author: Lifka, H. · Verschuren, C.A. · Bruls, D.M. · Tanase, C.
Keywords: oled lamp · transparent oled
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2 Neonatal mortality prediction using real-time medical measurements
Conference paper 2011-09-21    
Author: Gilchrist, J. · Frize, M. · Ennett, C.M. · Bariciak, E.
Keywords: clinical data repository · clinical decision support · outcome prediction · real time data
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3 Free positioning for inductive wireless power system
Conference paper 2012-02-10    
Author: Waffenschmidt, E.
Keywords: wireless power transfer
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4 Online BCI implementation of high-frequency phase modulated visual stimuli
Conference paper 2011-07-01    
Author: Garcia Molina, G. · Danhua, Z. · Aarts, R.M. · Mihajlovic, V.
Keywords: bci · eeg · sensory stimulation · ssvep
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5 Polymer LED Encapsulation by means of Plasma-Assisted ALD Al2O3 films
Conference paper 2011-02-15    
Author: Creatore, M. · Keuning, W. · Langereis, E. · Lifka, H. · Van de Weijer, P. · Van de Sanden, M.C.M. · Kessels, W.M.M.
Keywords: ald · oled · pecvd oled · remote plasma ald
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6 Faster Convergence for CS-SENSE Reconstruction
Conference paper 2012-05-05    
Author: Doneva, M. · Boernert, P.
Keywords: compressed sensing · convergence · iterative reconstruction · parallel imaging
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7 CS-SENSE or Denoised SENSE: The Influence of Irregular Sampling in l1 Regularized SENSE Reconstruction
Conference paper 2012-05-05    
Author: Doneva, M. · Eggers, H. · Boernert, P.
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8 Parameter-Free Compressed Sensing Reconstruction using Statistical Non-Local Self-Similarity Filtering
Conference paper 2012-05-05    
Author: Doneva, M. · Nielsen, T. · Boernert, P.
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9 Robust Automated Regularization Factor Selection for Statistical Reconstructions
Conference paper 2012-06-24    
Author: Bergner, F. · Brendel, B. · Noel, P.B. · Dobritz, M. · Koehler, T.
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10 Non-Scatter Contributions to the Dark Field Signal in DPCI
Conference paper 2011-12-21    
Author: Koehler, T. · Martens, G. · Van Stevendaal, U. · Roessl, E.
Keywords: invited paper

11 Energieeffiziente Leistungselektronik für Kleingeräte hoher Stückzahl am Beispiel von Lichtanwendungen
Conference paper 2011-10-31    
Author: Sauerlaender, G.
Keywords: acleds · cfl-i · compact fluorescent lamps · flicker · flyback converter · integrated fluorescent lamps · invited paper · optical flicker
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12 ROI Based Perfusion Estimation in Peripherals Using C-arms: a Simulation Study
Conference paper 2012-02-19    
Author: Giordano, M. · Vonken, E.P.A. · Bertram, M. · Mali, W. · Viergever, M.A. · Neukirchen, C.
Keywords: perfusion imaging · x-ray angiography
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13 A Feasibility Study on the Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillations using an Unobtrusive Bed-Mounted Sensor
Conference paper 2012-02-01    
Author: Brueser, C. · Zink, M.D.H. · Winter, S. · Schauerte, P. · Leonhardt, S.
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14 Ultrasound and Microbubble Mediated Doxil Delivery in a Murine Breast Cancer Model: Therapeutic Efficacy Dependence on Tumor Growth Rate
Conference paper 2011-10-20    
Author: Seip, R. · Leyvi, E. · Raju, B.I. · Shi, W.T. · Bohmer, M.R. · Chlon, C.H.T. · Sio, C.F. · Reibling, K. · Swanson, T.
Keywords: image-guided drug delivery · ultrasound mediated delivery
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15 Finite Element Modeling for Shear Wave Elastography
Conference paper 2011-10-26    
Author: Zhou, S. · Robert, J.L. · Fraser, J. · Shi, Y. · Xie, H. · Shamdasani, V.
Keywords: finite element methods · shear wave imaging · ultrasound shear wave elastography

16 Phase Aberration in Shear Wave Dispersion Ultrasound Vibrometry
Conference paper 2011-10-26    
Author: Shi, Y. · Xie, H. · Shamdasani, V. · Fraser, J. · Robert, J.L. · Zhou, S. · Urban, M.W. · Chen, S. · Greenleaf, J.F.
Keywords: phase aberration · shear wave dispersion · ultrasound shear wave elastography

17 High Temporal Resolution Finite Element Simulations of the Aorta for Thoracic Impedance Cardiography
Conference paper 2011-11-14    
Author: Mühlsteff, J. · Ulbrich, M. · Paluchowski, P. · Leonhardt, S.
Keywords: finite element simulation · impedance cardiography
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18 Source-gated transistors for power-efficient low-voltage integrateded lighting
Conference paper 2011-08-10    
Author: Young, N.D. · Sporea, R.A. · Shannon, J.M. · Silva, S.R.P. · Trainor, M.J.
Keywords: polysi · polysi tft · polysilicon · polysilicon thin film transistors · tft
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19 Dynamics of the Alpha Peak Frequency During Flicker Stimulation
Conference paper 2012-07-02    
Author: Garcia Molina, G. · Milanowski ,P.
Keywords: alpha peak frequency · flicker · ssvep
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20 Mood Recognition Based on Upper Body Posture and Movement Features
Conference paper 2012-01-18    
Author: Thrasher, M.L. · Van der Zwaag, M. D. · Bianchi-Berthouze, N. · Westerink, J.H.D.M.
Keywords: body posture · hand movement registration · head movements · mood · mood detection · mood induction · music
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