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1 Phase detection in a visual-evoked-potential based brain computer interface
Conference Paper 2010-10-19    
Author: Garcia Molina, G. · Danhua, Z. · Abtahi, S.
Keywords: bci · eeg · spatial filtering · ssvep
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2 5uW-10mW input power range inductive boost converter for indoor photovoltaic energy harvesting with integrated maximum power point tracking algorithm
Conference paper 2010-10-20    
Author: Qiu, Y. · Van Liempd, C. · Op het Veld, J.H.G. · Blanken, P.G. · Van Hoof, C.
Keywords: inductive power converter · maximum power point tracking · photo voltaic · ultra low power
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3 Injecting Light of High-Power LEDs into Thin Light Guides
Conference paper 2010-06-30    
Author: Cornelissen, H.J. · Krijn, M.P.C. · Ma, H. · Van Sprang, H.A.
Keywords: collimator · interference filter · led · light guide · multilayer
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4 Subtype specific breast cancer event prediction
Conference paper 2010-11-10    
Author: Sontrop, H.M.J. · Verhaegh, W.F.J. · Van den Ham, R. · Reinders, M.J.T. · Moerland, P.
Keywords: breast cancer · classification · clinical decision support · microarrays · outcome prediction · subtype
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5 User-centered design of robot personality and behavior
Conference paper 2010-10-16    
Author: Meerbeek, B.W. · Saerbeck, M.
Keywords: affective interaction · design methodology · home robotics · interaction design · personality · robots · user centred methodologies · user-system interactions
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6 Anonymous Credential Schemes with Encrypted Attributes
Conference paper 2011-01-07    
Author: Guajardo Merchan, J. · Mennink, B. · Schoenmakers, B.
Keywords: anonymous credentials · digital certificates · multi-party computation · multiparty computation · secure multiparty computation
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7 A Personalized Recipe Advice System to Promote Healthful Choices
Conference paper 2011-01-07    
Author: Geleijnse, G. · Nachtigall, P. · Van Kaam, P.C.J. · Wijgergangs, L.
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8 Security Considerations around End-to-End Security in the IP-based Internet of Things
Conference paper 2012-09-05    
Author: Brachmann, M. · Garcia-Mochon, O. · Keoh, S.L. · Kumar, S.S.
Keywords: 6lowpan · end-to-end security
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9 Indoor user zoning and tracking in passive infrared sensing systems
Conference paper 2012-08-29    
Author: Monaci, G. · Pandharipande, A.
Keywords: pir sensing system · user zoning · viterbi tracking
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10 Deriving stress from peripheral physiology
Conference paper 2012-08-24    
Author: De Vries, J.J.G. · Van Dooren, M. · Van Beek, W.H.M. · Dijk, E.O. · Ouwerkerk, M. · Westerink, J.H.D.
Keywords: physiology · stress
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11 Biofeedback for stress reduction: towards a brigth future for a revitalized field
Conference paper 2012-08-21    
Author: Van den Broek, E.L. · Westerink, J.H.D.
Keywords: biofeedback · closed loop systems · stress reduction
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12 Quantification of the mix and catch efficiency by microparticles for biosensing with single-molecule resolution
Conference paper 2012-06-19    
Author: Van Reenen, A. · De Jong, A.M. · Prins, M.W.J.
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13 Enhanced Semantic TV-Show Representation for Personalized Electronic Program Guides
Conference paper 2012-04-05    
Author: Musto, C. · Narducci, F. · Lops, P. · Semeraro, G. · Gemmis, M. de · Barbieri, M. · Korst, J.H.M. · Pronk, S.P.P. · Clout, R.A.W.
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14 Simultaneous De-Noising in Phase Contrast Tomography
Conference paper 2012-03-20    
Author: Koehler, T. · Roessl, E.

15 Quantitative EASL: An improved way to assess tumor response after Transcatheter Arterial Chemoemobolization (TACE)
Conference paper 2012-01-09    
Author: Lin, M. · Bhagat, N. · Pellerin, O. · Rao, P.P. · Loffroy, R.L. · Ardon, R. · Mory, B.M. · Reyes, D.K. · Geschwind, J.
Keywords: easl criteria · tace

16 A New Method for Metal Artifact Reduction
Conference paper 2012-07-16    
Author: Koehler, T. · Brendel, B. · Brown, K.M.
Keywords: artifact reduction · computed tomography · metal artifact reduction

17 An Enhanced Link Adaptation for the MB-OFDM UWB System
Conference paper 2012-01-11    
Author: Fu, S. · Wang, D. · Zhai, H. · Li, Y.
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18 A method for detecting interstructural atrophy correlation in MRI brain images
Conference paper 2012-08-27    
Author: Sun, Z. · Veerman, J.A.C. · Jasinschi, R.S.
Keywords: computational anatomy · vector classification
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19 Incorporation of Bone Beam Hardening Correction into Statistical Iterative CT Reconstruction
Conference paper 2012-07-16    
Author: Brendel, B. · Koehler, T. · Yagil, Y. · Thomson, R.
Keywords: artifact reduction · computed tomography · iterative reconstruction
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20 Assessment of Customers' Level of Interest
Conference paper 2012-05-01    
Author: Popa, M.C. · Rothkrantz, L.J.M. · Shan, C. · Wiggers, P.
Keywords: action recognition · computer vision · pattern recognition
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