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1 Characterization of ion emission of an extreme ultraviolet generating discharge produced Sn plasma
article 2010-01-04    
Author: Gielissen, K. · Sidelnikov, Y. · Glushkov, D. · Soer, W.A. · Banine V.Y. · Van der Mullen, J.
Keywords: euv · euv lithography · euv sources · plasma debris
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2 Phase detection in a visual-evoked-potential based brain computer interface
Conference Paper 2010-10-19    
Author: Garcia Molina, G. · Danhua, Z. · Abtahi, S.
Keywords: bci · eeg · spatial filtering · ssvep
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3 Lock-in thermography of OLEDs through cover glass
report 2010-01-31    
Author: Garcia Lovera, T. · Van der Tempel, S.
Keywords: inspection · oled · short circuit · temperature distribution · thermal modelling · thermal radiation · thermography
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4 5uW-10mW input power range inductive boost converter for indoor photovoltaic energy harvesting with integrated maximum power point tracking algorithm
Conference paper 2010-10-20    
Author: Qiu, Y. · Van Liempd, C. · Op het Veld, J.H.G. · Blanken, P.G. · Van Hoof, C.
Keywords: inductive power converter · maximum power point tracking · photo voltaic · ultra low power
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5 The effective take-off angle in PHI Quantera systems
report 2010-12-31    
Author: Van der Marel, C.
Keywords: esca · quantitative surface analysis · xps
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6 Gene Expression Profiling to Predict Clinical Outcome of Breast Cancer: reproducing, analyzing and extending the Nature publication by vhVeer et al
report 2010-12-31    
Author: Li R. · Visser, H.M.
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7 Simulations on 3D shape tracking with fibre Bragg gratings
report 2010-11-30    
Author: Hooft 't, G.W. · Tirard-Gâtel, A.
Keywords: 3d reconstruction · 3d tracking · bragg gratings · fibre optic sensors
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8 Deliverable D2.4: Status of Dry Electrode Development Activity
report 2010-07-31    
Author: Mihajlovic, V. · Garcia Molina, G.
Keywords: biomedical electrodes · biosensors · eeg · wearable sensors
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9 Injecting Light of High-Power LEDs into Thin Light Guides
Conference paper 2010-06-30    
Author: Cornelissen, H.J. · Krijn, M.P.C. · Ma, H. · Van Sprang, H.A.
Keywords: collimator · interference filter · led · light guide · multilayer
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10 Subtype specific breast cancer event prediction
Conference paper 2010-11-10    
Author: Sontrop, H.M.J. · Verhaegh, W.F.J. · Van den Ham, R. · Reinders, M.J.T. · Moerland, P.
Keywords: breast cancer · classification · clinical decision support · microarrays · outcome prediction · subtype
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11 User-centered design of robot personality and behavior
Conference paper 2010-10-16    
Author: Meerbeek, B.W. · Saerbeck, M.
Keywords: affective interaction · design methodology · home robotics · interaction design · personality · robots · user centred methodologies · user-system interactions
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12 AAL Security and Privacy: transferring XACML policies for end-to-end acess and usage control
report 2010-10-31    
Author: Vlamings, H.G.M. · Koster, R.P.
Keywords: ambient assisted living · digital policy management · information security · user privacy
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13 Demonstrating the application of dielectric polymer actuators for tactile feedback in a mobile consumer device.
report 2010-09-30    
Author: Moessinger, H.M. · Brokken, D.
Keywords: capacitive sensing · dielectric polymer actuator · haptics · high voltage · polymer actuators · tactile display
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14 Robust Face Skin Selection for Unobtrusive Vital Signs Monitoring
report 2010-08-31    
Author: Ding, M. · Van Leest, A.J.
Keywords: face tracking · human vital signs · skin detection
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15 Modeling of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal layers for a Luminescent SolaR Concentrator
report 2010-09-30    
Author: Giesbers, M. · De Boer, D.K.G.
Keywords: cholesteric liquid crystal layers · solar energy concentrators
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16 Influence of Repetitive Light Stimulation on Alpha Dynamics
report 2010-08-31    
Author: Milanowski ,P. · Garcia Molina, G. · Chestakov, D.
Keywords: alpha wave · brain · cognitive enhancement · electroencephalogram · light stimulation
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17 Tutorial: Signal Processing in Brain-Computer Interfaces
report 2010-04-30    
Author: Garcia Molina, G.
Keywords: array signal processing · bci · eeg · signal processing · spatial filters · tutorial
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18 Robust fabric substrates for photonic textile applications
article 2010-12-14    
Author: Van Pieterson, L. · Bouten, P.C.P. · Kriege, J.C. · Bhattacharya, R.
Keywords: fabric printed circuit board · invited paper · photonic textiles · textile mechanics
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19 Advanced reconstruction of attenuation maps using SPECT emission data only
article 2010-12-16    
Author: Salomon, A. · Goedicke, A. · Aach, T.
Keywords: 3d reconstruction · cardiac spect · spect · spect attenuation correction · spect reconstruction · spect/ct
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20 Parametric binaural synthesis: Background, applications and standards
Conference paper 2010-12-20    
Author: Breebaart, D.J. · Nater, F. · Kohlrausch, A.G.
Keywords: audio analysis · audio coding · audio processing · digital audio processing · hrtf · invited paper · spatial audio · spatial audio rendering · spatial perception · spatial psychoacoustics
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