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1 Seculaire groeiverschuiving; lengte en gewicht surveys 1964-1966 in Nederland in historisth perspectief
dissertation 1972    
Author: Wieringen, J.C. van
Keywords: Biologie

2 Lichaamsbouw en samenstelling van oudere vrouwen met verschil in zorgbehoefte
article 1990    
Author: Witteveen, A.D. · Lowik, M.R.H. · Deurenberg, P. · Houten, P. van
Keywords: Biologie

3 Groeidiagrammen van 1-25 jarigen in Nederland
report 1960    
Author: Wijn, J.F. de · Haas, J.H. de
Keywords: Health · Biologie

4 Patroonherkenningstechnieken en de inzichtelijkheid van de biotechologie
bookPart 1990    
Author: Greef, J. van der · Angelino, S.A.G.F. · Tas, A.C.
Keywords: Biologie · Microbiology

5 Number and distribution of bacteria on some beef carcasses at selected abattoirs in some member states of the European communities
article 1984    
Author: Roberts, T.A. · Hudson, W.R. · Whelehan, O.P. · Simonsen, B. · Olgaard, K. · Labots, H. · Snijders, J.M.A. · Hoof, J. van · Debevere, J. · Dempster, J.F. · Devereux, J. · Leistner, L. · Gehra, H. · Gledel, J. · Fournaud, J.
Keywords: biologie · Microbiology

6 De vitamine D-status van Marokkaanse, Turkse en Nederlandse 11-jarige schoolkinderen in Utrecht
article 1986    
Author: Velde, H.C.M. van der · Wijn, M.M.M. · Berg, H. van den · Leentvaar-Kuijpers, A. · Wieringen, J.C. van · Luyken, R.
Keywords: Biologie · Biochemie

7 Formation of complexes between DNA isolated from tobacco crown gall tumours and RNA complementary to Agrobacterium tumefaciens DNA
article 1967    
Author: Schilperoort, R.A. · Veldstra, H. · Warnaar, S.O.
Keywords: Nutrition · Biologie · Cytology · Celleer

8 Biogas production by anaerobic digestion of fruit and vegetable waste : a preliminary study
article 1978    
Author: Knol, W. · Most, M.M. van der · Waart, J. de
Keywords: Nutrition · Biologie · Biochemistry

9 13th International TNO conference : biotechnology a hidden past, a shining future : Rotterdam, 27 and 28 March 1980
conferenceProceedings 1980    
Author: Verbraeck, A.
Keywords: Biology · biologie · Microbiology

10 Investigations on plant tumors crown gall on the biochemistry of tumor-induction by agrobacterium tumefaciens
dissertation 1969    
Author: Schilperoort, R.A.
Keywords: Nutrition Agriculture · Biologie · Biochemie

11 Impact of microflora during storage and malting on malt properties
article 1990    
Author: Angelino, S.A.G.F. · Bol, J.
Keywords: Nutrition · Biologie · cytology · celleer

12 Predictive modelling van microbiële groei in voedingsmiddelen
bookPart 1990    
Author: Zwietering, M.H. · Veld, J.H.J. Huis in 't
Keywords: Nutrition · Biologie · Microbiology

13 Ontwikkeling van DNA-probes voor de detectie van micro-organismen in de voedingsmiddelenmicrobiologie
bookPart 1990    
Author: Hofstra, H.
Keywords: Biologie · Biochemistry · Microbiology

14 The on-line determination of sulphur dioxide during primary fermentation
article 1989    
Author: Angelino, S.A.G.F. · Veen, J.J.F. van · Minekus, M. · Drost, W.C.
Keywords: Chemistry · Biologie · Biochemistry

15 Vitamin E composition of some seed oils as determined by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with fluorometric detection
article 1985    
Author: Speek, A.J. · Schrijver, J. · Schreurs, W.H.P.
Keywords: Nutrition · biologie · biochemie

16 Étude des milieux utilisés pour le dénombrement des spores des bactéries anaérobies en microbiologie alimentaire
article 1965    
Author: Mossel, D.A.A. · Beerens, H. · Tahon-Castel, G. · Polspoel, B.
Keywords: Biologie · Cytology · Celleer

17 Cytokinetics and histogenesis of cultured hamster tracheal epithelium; effects of vitamin A and cigarette smoke condensate
dissertation 1988    
Author: Rutten, A.A.J.J.L.
Keywords: Biology · Biologie · Biochemistry
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18 Gene analysis in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC7942
dissertation 1989    
Author: Plas, J. van der
Keywords: Nanotechnology · Biologie · Cytology · Celleer

19 Improvement of phosphorus availability by microbial phytase in broilers and pigs
article 1990    
Author: Simons, P.C.M. · Versteegh, H.A.J. · Jongbloed, A.W. · Kemme, P.A. · Slump, P. · Bos, K.D. · Wolters, M.G.E. · Beudeker, R.F. · Verschoor, G.J.
Keywords: Biologie · Biochemistry · Zoology

20 Inhibitory effect of some Perigotype compounds on clostridium spores in pastuerized meat products
article 1976    
Author: Roon, P.S. van · Olsman, W.J.
Keywords: Biologie · Cytology · Celleer

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