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1 Aktivatie en agressie
dissertation 1977    
Author: Ekkers, C.L.
Keywords: Psychology

2 Multi-path sound transfer from resiliently mounted shipboard machinery: experimental methods for analyzing and improving noise control
dissertation 1982    
Author: Verheij, J.W.

3 Mathematical modeling of coal conversion processes with application to atmospheric fluidized bed combustion
dissertation 1990    
Author: Brem, G.
Keywords: Mathematical modeling · Coal conversion processes

4 Cognitive tools : two exercises in non-directive support for exploratory learning
dissertation 1996    
Author: Hulst, A.H. van der
Keywords: Training · Cognition · Learning

5 Some designs in electron and ion optics
dissertation 1954    
Author: Poole, J.B. le

6 De besluitwetgeving van de kabinetten De Geer en Gerbrandy
dissertation 1986    
Author: Brandhof, J.C.E. van den

7 Reciprocity experiments on the transmission of sound in ships
dissertation 1973    
Author: Wolde, T. ten
Keywords: Noise transmission · Ships

8 Random Sampling Methods for Two-View Geometry Estimation
dissertation 2007    
Author: Hollander, R.J.M. den

9 Investigations on plant tumors crown gall on the biochemistry of tumor-induction by agrobacterium tumefaciens
dissertation 1969    
Author: Schilperoort, R.A.
Keywords: Nutrition Agriculture · Biologie · Biochemie

10 Onderzoekingen over plantentumoren crown-gall : vergelijkende analyse op DNA-basis
dissertation 1966    
Author: Tinbergen, B.J.
Keywords: Nutrition

11 Imaging properties of diffraction gratings
dissertation 1970    
Author: Werner, W.

12 Health related quality of life in children
dissertation 1999    
Author: Theunissen, N.C.M.
Keywords: Health · Preterm · Longitudinal

13 Improving organisational safety through better learning from incidents and accidents
dissertation 2014    
Author: Drupsteen-Sint, L.
Keywords: Workplace · Safety · Incidents · Learning · Models · Work and Employment · Healthy Living · Resilient Organisations · SHB - Safe & Healthy Business · ELSS - Earth, Life and Social Sciences
[PDF] [Abstract]

14 Aging of phosphonylated cholinesterases
dissertation 1971    
Author: Keijer, J.H.
Keywords: Biology · Stereochemistry · Dealkylation · G agents · Cholinesterase inhibitors · Phosphorus organic compounds · Activation · Cholinesterase · Oximes · Therapy · Reaction kinetics · Potentiometric analysis · PH · Ionic mobility · Ions · Activation energy · Temperature · Ionization

15 Experiments on tone perception
dissertation 1966    
Author: Plomp, R.

16 Onderzoek naar factoren, die de ozonbestendigheid van natuurrubbervulcanisaten beïnvloeden
dissertation 1956    
Author: Pul, B.I.C.F. van

17 Structural aspects of neurosecretory and corpus allatum activity in the adult colorado beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say, as a function of daylength
dissertation 1970    
Author: Schooneveld, H.
Keywords: Biology

18 Het grensvlak van calciumsilicaten en calciumaluminosilicaten in alkalisch milieu / The interface of calciumsilicates and calciumaluminosilicates in alcaline medium
dissertation 1975    
Author: Siskens, C.A.M.

19 Active control of periodic noise
dissertation 1993    
Author: Overbeek, M.W.R.M. van

20 Toxicology of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's) and impurities.
dissertation 1972    
Author: Vos, J.G.

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