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Water Rocket Competition, Gouda 3

Author: Lyle, J,. · Mingardo, G. · Thomas, K. · Liu, Y. · Huaca, E. · Hajnovicsova, R. · Islahuzzaman, I.S. · Prat, C. · Harz, D. · Chavez, J.
Faculty:Delft University of Technology
Keywords: Project Work Summer IP2015 · International Office · Introduction Programme · Gouda 3 · Water Rocket Competition · Water Rocket · Teamwork · TU Delft
Rights: (c) 2015 The Author(s)


The Summer Introduction Programme 2015 welcomes about 1600 international students who follow an obligatory programme. Throughout a week of project work students design a water rocket and an academic poster, get familiarized with the Delft study method, and working in multicultural groups.

In our project team, Gouda 3, we designed a water rocket which was both lightweight and stable. The most innovative solution adopted is the passive parachute deployment system based on the weight of the detachable nose. The friction between the parachute and the rocket wall has been greatly reduced by the use of flour as a lubricant. Doing so we have been able to use a parachute with a large surface area, which extended our fall time considerably.
The rocket has been made with all recycled materials, because one of our main aims was the sustainability of the project.

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