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Destruction of Delft

Author: Feldbacher, P. · Souliotis, M. · Chen, Y. · Zhang, W. · Chen, L. · Cranz, F.S. · Chatzimanolis, E. · El Himdy, K. · Rahaman Khan, T. · Salvatori, L.
Faculty:Delft University of Technology
Keywords: Project Work Summer IP2015 · International Office · Introduction Programme · Water Rocket Competition · Naaldwijk 2
Rights: (c) 2015 The Author(s)


The Summer Introduction Programme 2015 welcomes about 1600 international students who follow an obligatory programme. Throughout a week of project work students design a water rocket and an academic poster, get familiarized with the Delft study method, and working in multicultural groups.

Our scenario starts with the destruction of (TU) Delft due to an atomic explosion at the reactor: We nine Heoroes of 'Naaldwijk 2' assembled to rescue the university members and to find a new planet. They will be carried by the already existing Aula-Spaceship and with the super-innovative WaterRockets type ‘Naaldwijk 2’, which will launch from the library cone.

When we arrive at our new planet the dual parachute deploys because of a “weighted wind flap mechanism” and will bring us to the ground safely. We also added a hole in one of the parachutes to increase the stability. After we landed we reuse the bottles of our WaterRockets to ‘terraform’ the planet and grow eatable plants.

During travelling through space we can even enhance our experience of the multicultural project work: There we learned how to turn misunderstandings into practical solutions, to work out concepts, test and reflect them. We did concentrate on our strengths and also learnt a lot where we didn’t have any knowledge yet because of the experiences of others. The team was organised due to our ‘super powers’ so we split up into different smaller groups. Therefore the few time given to work on this project was enough to finalise our ideas, mechanics and design.

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