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Urban Design Competition in Enschede

Author: Timmerman, L. · Kumar, N. · Moncaleano, A.M. · Fei, J. · Evangelou, M. · Islahuzzaman, I.S. · Kaloritis, G. · Acatrinei, S. · Zhang, S.
Faculty:Delft University of Technology
Keywords: Project Work Summer IP2014 · International Office · Introduction Programme · Enschede 2
Rights: (c) 2014 The Author(s)


The Summer Introduction Programme 2014 welcomes about 1200 international students who follow an obligatory programme.
Throughout a week of project work students design a product, tool, experience or activity for new university students, get familiarized with the Delft study method, and working in multicultural groups.

Our project is to organize an urban design competition in Enschede in order to make renovations to the city and discover the students potential. We made a schedule of the introduction programme and all the possible details concerning 2 city tours, several lectures and 5 city sections for the competition. It is a good way for students to start their days in Enschede.

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