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Water Rocket Competition in OSS 1

Author: Simanjuntak, J. · Galvan, M. · Xu, X. · Kurian, A. · Regondi, S. · Vonwegen, G. · Subramanian, S. · Buck, I. · Hatun, Z. · De La Mora, V.
Faculty:Delft University of Technology
Keywords: Project Work Summer IP2015 · International Office · Introduction Programme · Water Rocket Competition · Oss 1
Rights: (c) 2015 The Author(s)


The Summer Introduction Programme 2015 welcomes about 1600 international students who follow an obligatory programme. Throughout a week of project work students design a water rocket and an academic poster, get familiarized with the Delft study method, and working in multicultural groups.

In our project team, Oss 1, we designed a water rocket based on the following design principles of hydraulics and aerodynamics. Innovative solutions included, sustainability was considered. We learnt mostly about multicultural teamwork and a bit of the technicality of the rocket from this project that will be useful in our studies.

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