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The role of bibliometrics in research management... It's complicated!

Author: Van Leeuwen, T.
Town: Delft
Keywords: Bibliometrics
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Seminar 'Are you ready to publish? Understanding the publishing process’

Event date: 5 Feb 2015 13:30 to 16:30
Location: Science Centre (Stone hall), Mijnbouwstraat 120, Delft
host: TU Delft Library

A lot is involved when publishing an article. From choosing the audience, choosing a journal, dealing with reviewers, editors and publishers. How about authorship, copyright, open access, and impact? Not sure where to begin? Do you need tips on how to prepare, write & submit a high-quality scientific manuscript and know about the scientific ethics at the same time? This seminar will lead you through the entire process of an academic publication, and address the questions of those who are new to the realm of publishing.

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