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The Dictionary of Received Ideas

Lecturer: Walker, E.
Publisher: Delft University of Technology
Source:The Berlage, Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design
Keywords: Enrique Walker · The Berlage Lezingen
Rights: (c) Delft University of Technology · Creative Commons BY


This lecture examines received ideas—that is, formerly novel ideas that, due to recurrent use, have been depleted of their original intensity—in contemporary architecture culture as the starting point for the formulation of new architectural operations.

Enrique Walker is an adjunct associate professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, where he is Director of the Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design Program. He is also an associate professor at the Pratt Institute and a visiting professor at the Barcelona Institute of Architecture. Walker’s published work includes 12 Interviews, Tschumi on Architecture: Conversations with Enrique Walker, and most recently, Lo Ordinario.

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