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Policy and Decision Models: 4. Incentive for load shedding

Lecturer: Oruc, S. · Hermans, L.M.
Faculty:Technology, Policy and Management
Keywords: decision models · policy · water conflics · Tanzania
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EPA2142. Master Engineering and Policy Analysis. The course is a survey of models for analyzing and supporting design and decision-making in multi-actor settings. Contrasting with cooperative games that will be introduced in later modules, this module (and the preceding ones) deals with non-cooperative game theory. Non-cooperative game theory focuses on process as opposed to outcomes, and on equilibrium concepts as opposed to fairness concepts. From this module onwards, games are also not necessarily zero-sum, which means there are win-win and lose-lose options. New concepts related to this broader class of games, are pay-off polygons, pareto optimality and repeated games. Players may also change the game itself by taking or forcing a first move, or by threats and promises.

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