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The importance of being open

Author: Treadway, A.
Town: Delft
Keywords: Reach and visibility of open access · Reproducibility · Open data · Replications, refutations and negative results · Interdisciplinary research
Rights: (c) 2016 Treadway, A.


Seminar "Publish for Impact"

Event date: 27 October 2016
Location: Science Centre Delft
Host: TU Delft Research Support, Erasmus University en Universiteit Leiden (LDE)

With reproducibility in apparent crisis, transparency and the benefits of open science to the delivery and dissemination of ‘good’ science have never been more pertinent. In ‘The Importance of Being Open’ Anna Treadway, Head of multidisciplinary open access journal Scientific Reports, speaks about the ‘sticks’ driving open access and open data, as well as the ‘carrots’ for researchers in terms of career benefits, and touches on broader societal benefits of interdisciplinary research, for which open access has led to a new opportunity for reach and dissemination.

Anna Treadway’s publishing career spans more than 14 years, having joined Springer Nature in 2015 following 13 years at Informa, where she began in a junior editorial role, making her way up through the ranks to become Publishing Director of a portfolio of 180 life sciences journals. In June 2015 Anna joined Biomed Central to head up their supplements team, before moving into her current role as Head of Scientific Reports.

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