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Common Design for Social Change: Practicing in Rome

Lecturer: Romito, L.
Publisher: Delft University of Technology
Source:The Berlage, Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design
Keywords: Lorenzo Romito · The Berlage lezingen
Rights: (c) Delft University of Technology · Creative Commons BY


Lorenzo Romito is a founding member of Stalker and ON/Osservatorio Nomad. He graduated in architecture at the University la Sapienza in Rome in 1997 and is the recipient of the 2000-2001 Prix de Rome in Architecture at the Accademia di Francia in Rome. His involvement in Stalker, a laboratory of urban art and researches on territory, focuses on the relations between art, architecture, urban social history, and environmental studies. He also produces performances, publications, exhibitions, and conference worldwide; including the participation in the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2001, the Manifesta Biennal in Lijubliana in 2001, the Rome Art Quadriennale in 2008, and Venice Architectural Biennale in 2008. He is also the coordinator of the ON/Osservatorio Nomade international network, promoted by Stalker, whose main projects include the Immaginare Corviale with F. Careri (2003-2005); Egnatia, a path of displaced memories (2002-2005); Campagnaromana (2006), distances, belongings and emergencies in the "beyond- city," Rieres'i'rambles (2007), and GRA Inversione di Marcia (U-Turn) (2009).

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