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Towards a New Kind of Beauty

Lecturer: Oosterhuis, K.
Publisher: Delft University of Technology
Source:The Berlage, Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design
Keywords: Kas Oosterhuis · The Berlage lezingen
Rights: (c) Delft University of Technology · Creative Commons BY


During the Master Class "Localizing Networks. Physical Terminals for Web 2.0 Engines , Kas Oosterhuis will give a public lecture on Wednesday 1 February at 19:00

The public votes for the "next slide" of next video. Alongside the public´s choice Kas Oosterhuis will chose a slide and build a tension bow between the two slides. Also the public can twitter questions and remarks that will be projected on a second screen, visible for everyone. Kas Oosterhuis will respond on the tweets.

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