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The Ultimate Sneek Experience

Author: Fucinos, R. · Adishankar, V. · De Paz, A. · Bao, Y. · Huang, Z. · Wang, W.I. · Akhundov, H. · Oshan · de Callatay, G.
Faculty:Delft University of Technology
Keywords: Project Work Summer IP2014 · International Office · Introduction Programme · Sneek 1 · The ultimate Sneek Experience · Boat Racing · Introduction activity
Rights: (c) 2014 The Author(s)


The Summer Introduction Programme 2014 welcomes about 1200 international students who follow an obligatory programme.
Throughout a week of project work students design a product, tool, experience or activity for new university students, get familiarized with the Delft study method, and working in multicultural groups.

The ultimate Sneek experience will consist of a 4 days competition among 20 different teams. During this competition each team will have to look for materials hidden around the city, with a final purpose of building and racing a boat. In order to find the raw materials each team will receive different clues in different languages; therefore, team work becomes crucial for this activity. Once all materials have been collected each team will build its boat using the creativity and expertise of all members of the team. Finally, the last day all students will gather around in one of the canals, for the boat racing. The final purpose of this project is to develop team work among the students, create new friendships among them and introduce the students to the project oriented learning system used on this university.