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Demo tentamen Bed, Bank and Shoreline Protection

Lecturer: Verhagen, H.J.
Faculty:Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Keywords: demonstration · exam · bed · bank · shoreline · protection
Rights: (c) Delft University of Technology


CT4310. Bed, Bank and Shoreline Protection. Design of shoreline protection along rivers, canals and the sea; load on bed and shoreline by currents, wind waves and ship motion; stability of elements under current and wave conditions; stability of shore protection elements; design methods, construction methods.
Flow: recapitulation of basics from fluid mechanics (flow, turbulence), stability of individual grains (sand, but also rock) in different type of flow conditions (weirs, jets), scour and erosion.
Porous Media: basic equation, pressures and velocities on the stability on the boundary layer; groundwater flow with impermeable and semi-impermeable structures; granular filters and geotextiles.
Waves: recapitulation of the basics of waves, focus on wave forces on the land-water boundary, specific aspects of ship induced waves, stability of elements under wave action (loose rock, placed blocks, impermeable layers).
Design: overview of the various types of protections, construction and maintenance; design requirements, deterministic and probabilistic design; case studies, examples.
Materials and environment: overview of materials to be used, teraction with the aquatic environment, role of the land-water boundary as part of the ecosystem; environmentally sound shoreline design.

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