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How prepaid deals contribute to the Dutch open access uptake

Author: van der Vooren, R.
Town: Delft
Keywords: institutional pre-paid open access · business models · deals
Rights: (c) 2016 van der Vooren, R.


Seminar "Publish for Impact"

Event date: 27 October 2016
Location: Science Centre Delft
Host: TU Delft Research Support, Erasmus University en Universiteit Leiden (LDE)

A swift and global transition to Open Access depends on well-considered and well-organized strategies for negotiation. The initial key is not a new business model for publishing, as some might argue. Business models will only change when customers’ demands do. Therefore, Dutch universities started high level administrative negotiations with the top 8 largest publishers. As a result institutional pre-paid open access contracts were concluded. Since then the number of scholarly articles by Dutch affiliated authors grows rapidly. We are able to keep track of the open access uptake by the usage of accurate information provided on openaccess.nl.

Robert van der Vooren is a committed entrepreneur, a creative and positive thinker. In 2000 he competed at the Sydney Olympic Games. This experience convinced him to continue taking up grand challenges. As an advisor of the Executive Board he financially reorganized the Radboud University Medical Centre in 2008. It took courage to turn the hospital's impending bankruptcy. In 2011 Robert began a new adventure by starting his own consultancy firm. As a consultant he successfully led a national program on hospital funding in 2013, working within national interests and administrative sentiments. In 2015 Robert started as a national program manager on fostering open access publishing of scholarly articles. Researchers worldwide are keeping track of the Dutch negotiations on open access. Robert is able to connect to people through empathy, ambition and team spirit.

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