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Gyro Noise Measurement and Analysis

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Author: Bosgra, J.A. · Reumers, J.J.M.
Publisher: Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium
Institution: National Aerospace Laboratory NLR
Source:NLR MP 81057 U
Rights: (c) 1981 National Aerospace Laboratory NLR


Noise measurements have been performed on two identical space-qualified gyroscopes of the floated rate-integrating type (Ferranti Type 125) in an analogue rebalance-loop configuration of selectable loop bandwidth, running under space representative conditions. The noise frequency range of interest was 0.005 to 50 Hz.

The noise results have been processed into a number of statistical parameters (mean, standard deviation, range, slope and histogram). In addition, through a Fast Fourier Transform., auto- and cross-power spectra have been determined together with auto- and cross-covariance functions. By making use of transfer function polynomials, equivalent gyro open-loop power spectra have been computed from the closed-loop results and compared with directly measured. open-loop spectra. A selection of the results is presented here.