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Non - destructive and destructive tests on Redux bonded single and double lap-joints with various glue line thicknesses

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Author: Hartman, A. · De Jonge, J.B.
Publisher: Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium
Institution: National Aerospace Laboratory NLR
Source:NLR-TN M.2099
Rights: (c) 1963 National Aerospace Laboratory NLR


A series of Redux-bonded single and double lap-joints with non-porous gluelayers of various glueline thicknesses were tested ultrasonically by means of the Fokker Bond Tester. Tensile shear tests were carried out after completion of the ultrasonic tests. Bond Tester indications were in good agreement with theoretical results , indicating the instrument's ability to detect glueline stiffness. The static strength of double lapjoints turned out to be nearly independent of glueline thickness} for single lapjoints a strong dependence on glueline thickness was found. The analysis of the tensile shear testof adhesive bonded Joints is discussed.