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Using the Paparazzi UAV System for Scientific Research

Author: Hattenberger, G. · Bronz, M. · Gorraz, M.
Type:Conference paper
Publisher/Organization: Delft University of Technology
Source:IMAV 2014: International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition 2014, Delft, The Netherlands, August 12-15, 2014
Keywords: IMAV2014 · MAV · Micro Air Vehicle · Paparazzi UAV system · scientific research
Rights: (c) 2014 Hattenberger, G.; Bronz, M.; Gorraz, M.


This paper presents an overview of the Paparazzi UAV system and its recent use in scientific research. Paparazzi is an open-source project that aims at providing a complete solution to fly fixedwing aircraft and rotorcrafts. Several hardware boards and sensors are also developed within the project. Since several years, it has been used by various institutes for scientific research. The recent use on scientific research for meteorological studies is presented as an example.

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