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The resilience approach to climate adaptation applied for flood risk

Author: Gersonius, B.
Promotor: Zevenbergen, C. · Ashley, R.M.
Publisher: CRC Press/Balkema
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ISBN: 9780415624855
Keywords: Adaptation · climate change · flood risk management · tipping points · real options · resilience · uncertainty
Rights: (c) 2012 Gersonius, B.


This dissertation presents a potential way forward for adaptation to climate change, termed the resilience approach. This approach takes a dynamic perspective on adaptive processes and the effects of these processes at/across different spatio-temporal scales. Experience is provided with four methods that can be used to apply the resilience approach: Adaptive Policy Making, Real-In-Options, Adaptation Tipping Points and - Adaptation Mainstreaming Opportunities. This dissertation discusses the concept, procedure and benefits/limitations of each method, examining its usefulness for informing investment decisions for flood risk management. It also gives specific recommendations on which method to use under what circumstances.

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