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Understanding Hydrological Processes in an Ungauged Catchment in sub-Saharan Africa

Author: Mul, M.L.
Promotor: Savenije, H.H.G. · Uhlenbrook, S.
Publisher: CRC Press/Balkema
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ISBN: 978-0-415-54956-1
Rights: (c) 2009 Mul, M.L.


Ungauged catchments can be found in many parts of the world, but particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Information collected in a gauged catchment and its regionalisation to ungauged areas is crucial for water resources assessment. Especially farmers in semi-arid are in need of such information. Inter and Intra-seasonal rainfall variability is large in these areas, and farmers depend more and more on additional surface and groundwater resources for their crop production. As a result, understanding the key-hydrological processes, and determination of the frequencies and magnitudes of stream flows, is very important for local food production. This is particularly true for the ungauged Makanya catchment in Tanzania, which is the subject of this study.

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