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Water Loss Management: Tools and Methods for Developing Countries

Author: Mutikanga, H.E.
Promotor: Vairavamoorthy, K.
Publisher: CRC Press/Balkema
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ISBN: 9780415636483
Keywords: Water Loss Management · Tools and Methods · Developing Countries
Rights: (c) 2012 Mutikanga, H.E.


Water utilities in developing countries are struggling to provide customers with a reliable level of service due to their peculiar water distribution characteristics including poorly zoned networks with irregular supply operating under restricted budgets. These unique conditions demand unique tools and methods for water loss control. Water loss management: Tools and Methods for Developing Countries provide a decision support toolbox (appropriate tools and methodologies) for assessing, quantifying, prioritising strategies and improving water distribution efficiency in the developing countries. It promotes good stewardship of water resources and sustainable delivery of water supply services in urban water distribution systems.

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