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Optimization of Urban Wastewater Systems using Model Based Design and Control

Author: Velez Quintero, C.A.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E.
Publisher: CRC Press/Balkema
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ISBN: 978-1-138-00002-5
Keywords: urban wastewater systems · sewer · wastewater treatment · receiving systems · design and operation of urban wastewater systems · integrated modelling of urban wastewater systems · multi-objective optimization · parallel computing in the cloud · surrogate modelling
Rights: (c) 2012 Velez Quintero, C.A.


In this research a considerable amount of scientific evidence had been collected which leads to the conclusion that the urban wastewater components should be designed as one integrated system, if the protection of the receiving waters is to be achieved cost-effectively. Even more, there is a need to optimize the design and operation of the sewerage network and wastewater treatment plant (WwTP) considering the dynamic interactions between them and the receiving waters. This book introduces a method named Model Based Design and Control (MoDeCo) for the optimum design and control of urban wastewater components. The book presents a detailed description of the integration of modelling tools for the sewer, the wastewater treatment plants and the rivers. The complex modelling structure used for the integrated model challenge previous applications of integrated modelling approaches presented in scientific literature. The combination of modelling tools and multi-objective evolutionary algorithms demonstrated in this book represent an excellent tool for designers and managers of urban wastewater infrastructure. This book also presents two alternatives to solve the computing demand of the optimization of integrated systems in practical applications: the use of surrogate modelling tools and the use of cloud computer infrastructure for parallel computing.

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