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Development of a low-cost alternative for metal removal from textile wastewater

Author: Sekomo Birame, C.
Promotor: Lens, P.N.L. · Rousseau, D.P.L.
Publisher: CRC Press/Balkema
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ISBN: 978-0-415-64158-6
Keywords: adsorption capacity · adsorption isotherms · algae · bioaccumulation · biological methods · Cyperus papyrus · duckweed · dyes, · heavy metals · industrial pollution · industrial wastewater · natural system · Nyabugogo wetland · physico-chemical methods · Rwanda · sulphate reducing bacteria · textile wastewater · tracer test · upflow anaerobic packed bed reactor · volcanic rocks
Rights: (c) 2012 Sekomo Birame, C.


Heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb and Zn) found in textile wastewater are removed by a combination of adsorption using volcanic rock as adsorbent, sulfide precipitation and phytoremediation techniques. The integrated system for metal removal combining anaerobic bioreactor as main treatment step and a polishing step composed by algae, duckweed and water hyacinth ponds for heavy metal removal from industrial wastewater. The maximum of the metal removal was achieved in the bioreactor where metal sulphide was the major removal mechanism. The integrated system has revealed to be a promising and low cost alternative system for heavy metal removal from wastewater especially for developing countries.

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