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Influence of Repetitive Light Stimulation on Alpha Dynamics


These file attachments have been under embargo and were made available to the public after the embargo was lifted on 16 February 2011.

Author: Milanowski ,P. · Garcia Molina, G. · Chestakov, D.
Embargo lifted:2011-02-16
Publisher: Philips Research
Institution: Philips Research
Identifier: TN 2010/00270
Keywords: alpha wave · brain · cognitive enhancement · electroencephalogram · light stimulation
Rights: (c) Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.


A relative high power in the alpha band (8 - 13Hz) at a particular EEG position is believed to indicate an active inhibitory state of the corresponding cortical site. According to this hypothesis an active inhibitory state corresponds to a lower engagement of the cortical site and is accompanied by a higher engagement of other sites (possibly neighboring ones). In this project the influence of a repetitive visual stimulation on the alpha band was investigated. A special attention was paid to the difference between the individual alpha frequency and alpha power before and after the stimulation. Data was analyzed by using the matching pursuit time-frequency distribution that provides better resolution in time and frequency than STFT or Wigner-Ville transforms.

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