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Unified Description of Charge-Carrier Mobilities in Disordered Semiconducting Polymers


These file attachments have been under embargo and were made available to the public after the embargo was lifted on 7 November 2005.

Author: Pasveer, W.F. (Univ. Eindhoven) · Cottaar, J. (Univ. Eindhoven) · Tanase, C. (Univ. Groningen) · Coehoorn, R. · Bobbert, P.A. (TU/e) · Blom, P.W.M. (Univ. Groningen) · De Leeuw, D.M. · Michels, M.A.J. (Univ. Eindhoven)
Embargo lifted:2005-11-07
Publisher: APS (American Physical Society)
Institution: Philips Research
Source:Physical Review Letters; authors version
Identifier: MS 24.502
Keywords: carrier mobility · polyled · polymer electronics
Rights: (c) APS (American Physical Society)


From a numerically exact solution of the Master equation for hoppingtransport in a disordered energy landscape with a Gaussian densityof states, we determine the dependence on temperature, carrier density, and electric field of the charge carrier mobility. Experimentalspace-charge limited currents in semiconducting polymer-based devices are excellently reproduced with this unified description of the mobility. At room temperature it is mainly the dependence on carrier density that plays an important role, whereas at low temperatures andhigh fields the electric field dependence becomes important. Omission of the carrier-density dependence has led to an underestimation of the hopping distance and the width of the density of states in these polymers.

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