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Breathing motion compensated reconstruction for C-arm cone beam CT imaging: initial experience based on animal data

Author: Schaefer, D. · Lin, M. · P. Rao (J.H. University School of Medicine) · Loffroy, R.L. · Liapi, E. (J.H Univ. School of Medicine) · Noordhoek, N. · Eshuis, P. · Radaelli, A. · Grass, M. · Geschwind, J. (J.H University School of Medicine)
Type:Conference paper
Publisher: SPIE (Int. Society for Optical Engineering)
Institution: Philips Research
Source:SPIE Medical Imaging 2012 (San Diego, CA)
Identifier: MS-32.668
Keywords: animal data · ct imaging
Rights: (c) SPIE (Int. Society for Optical Engineering)


C-arm based tomographic 3D imaging is applied in an increasing number of minimal invasive procedures. Due to the limited acquisition speed for a complete projection data set required for tomographic reconstruction, breathing motion is a potential source of artifacts. Intra-scan motion estimation and compensation is required. Here, a scheme for projection based local breathing motion estimation is combined with an anatomy adapted interpolation strategy and subsequent motion compensated filtered back projection. This approach is applied in animal experiments on a flat panel C-arm system delivering improved image quality in 3D liver tumor imaging.

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