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Clinical User Experience Testing of Ambient Lighting for Neonatal Intensive Care

Author: Simons, P.R. · Visser, H.M.
Publisher: Philips Research
Institution: Philips Research
Identifier: tn2012-00308
Keywords: ambient healing environments · ambient lighting · clinical trial · nicu (neonatal intensive care unit)
Rights: (c) Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.


Believed to the first application of its kind in the UK, Philips hasinstalled dynamic and ambient LED lighting in the recently extendedNeonatal Intensive Care Unit, (NICU), at St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol. The neonatal facility was redeveloped in late 2011 with a newICU built next to an existing ICU. This provides the opportunity tomake comparisons between old and new ICU. Philips Research has conducted a clinical user experience trial to assess nurse’s reactions tothe two ICUs. A 3 week user trial of the nurse’s experiences, showed significant benefits. Complaints of irritability reduced by 70%,headaches by 63%, eye distress by 56% and sleepiness by 51%. A startling finding is also that the nurses report these complaints getting significantly worse throughout the day in the old ICU, but reportalmost no change to their condition the new ambient ICU. A further unexpected benefit is a reduction of noise in the new unit, which canotherwise have a detrimental effect on the baby’s development. Staff at the unit are so pleased with the new ambient lighting that theywritten to tender for it the whole neonatal unit.

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