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Image Fusion Algorithm for Differential Phase Contrast Imaging

Author: Roessl, E. · Koehler, T. · Van Stevendaal, U. · Hauser, N. · Wang, Z. · Stampanoni, M.
Type:Conference paper
Publisher: SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering)
Institution: Philips Research
Source:SPIE Medical Imaging 2012, San Diego, CA, USA; authors version
Identifier: MS 32.736
Keywords: differential phase contrast · image fusion · x-ray mammography
Rights: (c) 2012 SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering)


Differential phase-contrast imaging in the x-ray domain provides three physically complementary pieces of information: the attenuation,the differential phase-contrast, related to the refractive index, and the dark-field signal, related to the total amount of radiation scattered into very small angles. In medical applications, it is of the utmost importance to present to the radiologist all clinically relevant information in as compact a way as possible. Hence, the needarisis for a method to combine two or more of the above mentioned images into one image containing all information relevant for diagnosis. We present an image composition algorithm that fuses the attenuation image and the differential phase contrast image into a composite image. The composition is performed in a noise optimal way such that the composite image is characterized by minimal noise-power at each frequency component.

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