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Incorporation of Bone Beam Hardening Correction into Statistical Iterative CT Reconstruction


These file attachments have been under embargo and were made available to the public after the embargo was lifted on 16 July 2012.

Author: Brendel, B. · Koehler, T. · Yagil, Y. · Thomson, R.
Type:Conference paper
Embargo lifted:2012-07-16
Institution: Philips Research
Source:The Second International Conference on Image Formation in X-ray Computed Tomography, June 24-27, 2012, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; authors version
Identifier: MS 33.254
Keywords: artifact reduction · computed tomography · iterative reconstruction
Rights: (c) The Authors


A number of different methods for post reconstruction bone beam hardening (BBH) correction are available for conventional FBP reconstruction and are used in commercially available products. An incorporation of these existing methods into statistical iterative reconstruction for CT is desired for several reasons. There are two ways imaginable to incorporate the BBH correction into iterative reconstruction:The first option is to use the beam hardening corrected projectionsas input for the statistical iterative reconstruction. For this ithas to be considered that the noise level in the projection data changes due to the correction. The second option is to incorporate theinverse of the beam hardening correction into the forward projectionof the cost function, and derive an update equation from this modified cost function. Both methods are implemented and compared based on simulated data with respect to artifact suppression, image noise,and speed of convergence.

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