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Scaling theory for percolative charge transport in disordered molecular semiconductors


These file attachments have been under embargo and were made available to the public after the embargo was lifted on 4 October 2011.

Author: Cottaar, J. (Univ. Eindhoven) · Koster, L.J.A (Univ. of Groningen) · Coehoorn, R. · Bobbert, P.A. (TU/e)
Embargo lifted:2011-10-04
Publisher: APS (American Physical Society)
Institution: Philips Research
Source:Physical Review Letters; authors version
Identifier: MS 32.634
Keywords: charge carrier mobility calculation · oled modelling
Rights: (c) APS (American Physical Society)


We present a scaling theory for charge transport in molecular semiconductors with Gaussian energy disorder, which extends standard percolation theory by including bonds with conductances close to the percolating one in the random-resistor network of bonds representing charge hopping. A general and compact expression is given for the charge mobility as a function of temperature and charge concentration, with parameters that are determined for Miller-Abrahams and Marcus hopping on different lattices from numerically exact results. A universal dependence on charge concentration is found and a temperature dependence that differs significantly from other reports.

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