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AIRLESS, a European project on HVAC systems: Project programme and current status

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Author: Bluyssen, P.M. · Björkroth, M. · Müller, B. · Oliveira Fernandes, E. de · Clausen, G.H. · Molina, J.L. · Roulet, C.A.
Institution: TNO Bouw
Source:INDOOR AIR '99, Edinburgh, Scotland, 8-13 August (Volume 1), 558-563
Identifier: 329591
Keywords: Climate


In the beginning of 1998 a three year European project, AIRLESS, was started to develop strategies, principles and protocols to improve and control the performance of HVAC-systems and its components for incorporation in codes and guidelines. Twelve institutes, universities and companies from seven European countries are involved in this project. Knowledge on why, when and how pollution is caused by HVAC-systems is still largely undefined. Therefore the first step in this project is to defme this pollution and to investigate ways to prevent this pollution. In the second step, protocols can then be defined to keep this pollution away (maintenance). After having defined pollution contribution per component, a model can be made to predict the pollution caused by a certain system that still needs to be installed. Strategies to decrease the pollution caused by a total HVAC-system together with strategies to lower the energy consumption can then be defined. The project programme is discussed and the current status of AIRLESS is reported.