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ELASTICITY:Topological characterization of robustness in complex networks

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Author: Sydney, A. · Scoglio, C. · Schumm, P. · Kooij, R.E.
Publisher: ICST
Institution: TNO Defensie en Veiligheid
Source:3rd International ICST Conference on Bio-Inspired Models of Network, Information and Computing Systems, BIONETICS 2008, 25-28 November 2008, Hyogo, 1-8
Identifier: 503154
Keywords: Informatics · Complex Networks · Social Networks · Spectral Analysis · Elasticity · Complex analysis · Component failures · Internet topologies · Malicious attack · Network robustness


Just as a herd of animals relies on its robust social structure to survive in the wild, similarly robustness is a crucial characteristic for the survival of a complex network under attack. The capacity to measure robustness in complex networks defines a network's survivability in the advent of classical component failures and at the onset of cryptic malicious attacks. To date, robustness metrics are deficient and unfortunately the following dilemmas exist: accurate models necessitate complex analysis while conversely, simple models lack applicability to our definition of robustness. In this paper, we define robustness and present a novel metric, elasticity- a bridge between accuracy and complexity-a link in the chain of network robustness. Additionally, we "test-drive" the performance of elasticity on Internet topologies and online social networks, and articulate results. © 2008 ICST 978-963-9799-35-6.