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COBACORE Community Based Comprehensive Recovery : D3.3: Report on procedures and use scenarios in which the COBACORE tool is used

Author: Neef, R.M. · Rijken, M.
Publisher: European Union
Place: Brussels
Identifier: 535242
Report number: FP7-SEC-2012-1 ; EU Agreement number 313308
Keywords: Safety · Disaster management · Recovery · Functional specification · Platform design · Safety and Security · Defence, Safety and Security · Resilient Organisations · NO - Networked Organisations · ELSS - Earth, Life and Social Sciences


This report comes after a long period of concept development, experimentation, evaluation and reflection, and aims to capture the many discussions on the practical use of the platform. In its current state, the platform contains many features, and supports many forms of interaction between our key communities. The platform is inspired by different schools of thought in crisis management, is built following different socio-technological trends, and tries to harmonise these influences into a versatile, integrating collaboration platform for all parties involved in disaster recovery. However, by positioning the COBACORE platform in this manner, it becomes open to many interpretations of its value in practice. For some, the platform just a piece of technology, for others it is a catalyst for a new way of organising crisis management. Many see most practical value in the platform’s capability to support civilian exchange, other praise its value for professional users. There are various narratives that can be told about the platform, and this report aims to capture some of the major forms in which the platform can be used. Additionally, we discuss some fundamental questions that surround the use of the platform, such as privacy, governance and information validity.