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Meeting diversity in ergonomics

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Author: Pikaar, R.N. · Koningsveld, E.A.P. · Settels, P.J.M.
Publisher: Elsevier
Place: Amsterdam
Institution: TNO Kwaliteit van Leven
Identifier: 275130
ISBN: 9780080453736
Keywords: Ergonomics · Arbeidsproductiviteit


Key Features: Offers the conceptual tools for creating more adaptable ergonomic designs to meet the needs of diverse human populations, Unlock the strategic business value found in ergonomically safe and comfortable products, Learn from in-depth case studies how ergonomic intervention was successfully undertaken in such environments as hospital architecture and automotive design. What does the future portend for the field of Ergonomics? Find where things are headed in Meeting Diversity in Ergonomics, a body of collective new research on the ongoing effort to better design safety, comfort, and efficiency into products, buildings, and other implements of daily life-and doing so in a way meets the needs of diverse human groups, from young to old, from those in perfect health to those with physical infirmities. Making products, job tasks, buildings and the things around us safe to use, comfortable to handle, and efficient to work with is the goal of good ergonomics. This book will, help ergonomics professionals reach that goal, with ground-breaking solutions to classic and cutting edge design problems. And readers of this book will find valuable insight into how ergonomics can be used as a powerful business marketing tool when promoting products and services to customers. Moreover, this conceptual knowledge is made vividly clear with in-depth case studies that narrate a particular type of ergonomic demand and how that challenge was solved with innovative approaches, including the use of virtual reality. Book jacket. © 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.