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Bis(arylimidazole) Iridium Picolinate Emitters and Preferential Dipole Orientation in Films

Author: Huckaba, A.J. · Senes, A. · Aghazada, S. · Babaei, A. · Meskers, S.C.J. · Zimmerman, I. · Schouwink, P. · Gasilova, N. · Janssen, R.A.J. · Bolink, H.J. · Nazeeruddin, M.K.
Source:ACS Omega, 3, 2673−2682
Identifier: 787349
doi: doi:10.1021/acsomega.8b00137
Keywords: Electronics · Picolinate emitters · Thin films · Emissive properties · Industrial Innovation · Nano Technology · HOL - Holst · TS - Technical Sciences


The straightforward synthesis and photophysical properties of a new series of heteroleptic iridium(III) bis(2-arylimidazole) picolinate complexes are reported. Each complex has been characterized by nuclear magnetic resonance, UV−vis, cyclic voltammetry, and photoluminescent angle dependency, and the emissive properties of each are described. The preferred orientation of transition dipoles in emitter/host thin films indicated more preferred orientation than homoleptic complex Ir(ppy)3.